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The Tungsten Ring

Natural Tungsten Carbide wedding rings (non-plated) are one of the most incredible pieces of jewelry in our day and age. Unlike rings made of traditional metals such as gold, silver or platinum, tungsten is almost indestructible, although they can break if hit just right.


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Remington Jeweler's Have and keep up on the most popular styles on the market. Your ring will be in style for years to come

The Tungsten Ring

Natural Tungsten Carbide wedding rings (non-plated) are one of the most incredible pieces of jewelry in our day and age. With tungsten carbide you no longer need to worry about your ring bending by slamming in in something. Tungsten rings will not bend and are very scratch resistant.

Best Add-On to Protect Your Ring

Tungsten ring are not indestructible, if it on something hard just right, they can break. If they are plated (black, gold, blue) depending on the use, over time they can scratch,  fade or even break. Therefore we recommended adding the life-time warranty 

Ring Exchange

Tungsten cannot be resized. We offer a 60 day (No Charge) exchange. After it goes to 39.95 or 21.95 if you added the Lifetime Warranty.  The Lifetime Warranty is normally 99.95, on sale for $49.95.

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Saw this company at a wedding expo and they had a great deal. And if they didn't have the ring in the size you wanted, you could order and still get the discount, that's always really nice of a company to do. The ring is gorgeous with 2 types of wood and black tungsten carbide. Got the life warranty too but hopefully I won't need it! We also added a nice silicone ring which will be great for my future husband to wear while working.

- A. Gunderson

We learned about this store during the Phoenix Bridal Show. We ordered our ring back in June I think and even though the shipping was delayed they kept in contact with me via email to let me know what was going on. I received the ring this last Tuesday and we love it. Its just what we were looking for in a men's ring.

- K. Gibbson

Went to a Bridal Show in January this year and was picked up a great deal on a high end Tungsten Ring!

This deal was PERFECT and allowed me to afford getting a wonderful ring for my soon to be husband that had all the qualities he wanted! A Tungsten band with Meteorite and Antler, just arrived today and holy wow does it look amazing! 

The Meteorite is super shiny and well polished and contrasts well against the stark white of the Antler. Excellently crafted.

- S. Vanhaven


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I can not recommend Remington Jewlers enough! John really helped me out to get a custom ring that is symbolic of me and my wife. Opal is my birthstone and she was a park ranger and loves trees. I get compliments on it all the time. Love love love it and love the warranty too!
Bruce was very helpful and informative. Made sure I felt comfortable the entire time picking out a ring. 5 stars all the way.
Eva was so helpful

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Tungsten Myth

Emergency removal - A common myth for both titanium and tungsten carbide rings is that they cannot be removed in case of an emergency. Both types of rings can certainly be removed in emergency situations, though the methodology for removal will vary – titanium rings will need to be cut through using something like a jeweler’s saw, while tungsten carbide rings will have to be cracked using vice grip pliers or by placing it on a hard surface and turning it over and over while lightly hammering.


Tungsten Carbide is 85% tungsten, 13.622 Nickle, and .923 Chromium. 100% Tungsten would be too brittle and shatter.

How to break with a Hammer

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