Remington Jewelers Rep Training

Just a few simple things to know

Be to the Show Early.

You want to be to the show about an hour before it starts. In the contract they can give our booth away if we are not there and set up one hour before the show starts. If there is a second day, etc., they can do the same if we are not there 30 min before start.



What to say when they come to the booth


(If it looks like both engaged couples are present) "Feel free to try on the rings".


(If it's a lone girl) "Feel free to take picture or fact time, do you know what size your looking for?"



"It's generally right around show size". (What throws that off is if they are really tall and slim) "But we include a 60 day exchange with the sale we are having here". "So if you get the wrong size or style, we can just trade you out".


"Did you guys hear about the sale we're having? Today at the show we are having a double sale. On the website the rings range from $350-$500. Here at the show they are all discounted down to $320 - THEN they are 1/2 off! So, $209.95 with the life-time warranty or $159.95 without the life-time warranty". (point at the sign table while explaining)

"But, at this show, with the life-time warranty you also received everything here in the RED - a silicone ring and a 3-day, 2-night hotel accommodations that is good for 2 years, good 55 locations across the US".


Fill Out Part of Order Before the Customer puts in their Info

8 Things to fill out on the order BEFORE you hand it to the customer.

  1. Rep Name.
  2. Ring Number (Item Number)
  3. Size
  4. check the 1-3 boxes on the lower left stating whether or not they are getting the ring at the show or if we need to send it to them.
  5. Circle the total in either the left (no warranty) or right (getting warranty) column.
  6. Draw a line through the other column.

Take a Picture of Filled out Order with Ring

Make sure the customer has filled out everything and initialed behind the boxes before you take a picture with the ring.

Get  2 picture of all orders with the ring, especially the ones we have to send to them.

One with the whole order, one close up by address (See example below)

(Note the person's hand and ring is not blocking any information and the ring is angled just enough to also see the inside)


Ring Box Bag

Get the ring bag (for protection if they have to mail to us) under the rings in the tray the ring was in.

Just lift the top part out and look for bag.

Best if you can find the bag that has the ring number and size they are getting

If there is not one, get a blank one.



Ring Box Box

Put the ring and silicone ring (if the get one) together in one ring box or felt bag. (depending on what you have)

You don't give them both.


5 Things to Remember

Top Things to Remember

  1. Be to the Show Early.
  2. By Law - Customer needs to receive 2 copies of the order. We must have the original (WHITE COPY), they get the 2 bottom copies.
  3.  Make sure before you take a picture of the ring with order - everything is fill out (check picture below)  RING #, SIZE, The Total Circled, etc.  Take 2 or more pictures
  4. The Most Important Order to get a picture of is the ring orders we have to send. Just take a picture of the ring we need to send WITH their order. It doesn't have to be the right size, just the right RING!!!!!
  5. Always, Always, Always measure the ring before you write it on the order, to not go by what the customer thinks (they are wrong 50% of the time), don't go my where it was in the tray setup (someone could have moved it).
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Send in Your W-9



If you haven't already sent us a copy of your W-9 that you already had on file, here is the link for your W-9.

You can then just save it and email it so